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I sing. Currently looking for musicians who want to play rock/metal music. Let's make a band yo. WLAC... ☾ ♔♬ ORANGE COUNTY ♔♬ ☾ I'm thankful for all of you. I want you guys to know that. If you think no one cares about you, don't think that, I'm here for you. My inbox is always open if you guys need to let some stuff out. ☾BUSINESS ✯ SOCKS ✬ ♤BLACKJACK♤ ☾ ✬twitter.com/alucienas ✬

All my favorite aliens in 1 pic

All my favorite aliens in 1 pic


When you see a new picture of a person you are attracted to




i took a video of my sims woohooing in the hot tub with the nude mosaic removed and now i can’t stop laughing

damn that’s some good ass sex right there

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Yuzuki — Dear you

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it’s okay, it’s the kangwoo mask


Gaga: *sings about burqa in Aura*

white people: that is racist and offensive she needs to stop appropriating muslim culture

actual muslims:




that awkward moment when I try to switch Niall and Ellen’s faces and they still look like themselves

stop reblogging this before ellen sees it and puts it on her fucking show

beneath a man is his nucleus